POPGRAPHICSUSA.COM is proud to offer online access, via FTP, for those customers who desire to upload their files electronically!

How do I establish my username and password?
In order to upload your files to POPGRAPHICSUSA.COM's secure FTP Site, click on the link below.

Once you have uploaded your file, email us with file name quantity and finishing information to Info@PopGraphicsUSA.com.

How does POPGRAPHICSUSA.COM insure my files are secure?
POPGRAPHICSUSA.COM understands the importance of insuring your proprietary information remains confidential.  Likewise, we realize that connecting networks and users to the Internet introduces additional security concerns.  POPGRAPHICSUSA.COM’s ICSA Certified Firewall incorporates Active Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, which strictly monitors and regulates access to the Server.

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